Schools and Educators

Our School and Educator Partners

Together, we can move the needle.

In partnership with private donors and philanthropists, we purchase and distribute Life Hub Learning Centers, providing them at no cost to families, students and communities across the nation.

for Impact

Public and private schools and educators across the
nation want to provide educational solutions that improve
their student's lives and create a lasting impact on
communities and the nation.

Partnering with us to advance financial and entrepreneurship
education for all students by equipping them with advanced
technology will have a positive impact on their lives today,
and their future as well as the nation.

Who our Partnership Impacts


The industry's most powerful education technology delivers the highest impact with measurable results.

Students and their Families

Your partnerships impact students and their families today and in their futures.

National Economy

Your sponsorships positively impact the nation's economy.


Your sponsorships impact the communities and local economies in which families live.

Global Competitiveness

Your sponsorships impact the nation's global competitiveness.

Our Partnerships Equip your Students with an Education Technology that Impacts their Lives, their Communities, and the Economy

Partner with us to Impact your Students

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