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Equip Communities

Your sponsorship equips entire communities with the world's
most advanced financial and entrepreneurship education
technology for children aged 3 to 14 years.

The Life Hub Learning Center is a fully-integrated home-based
computer system that engages and teaches children financial and
business skills starting at a young age so that positive behavior
can be formed by their teen years.

Impact Communities


Impact communities today.

Equip One Community or More

Provide Life Hub Learning Centers to one community of your choice or more

Real Money Management

Children manage real money in translucent, colorful, illuminated storage banks that motivate, captivate and inspire.

Knowledge & Practical

Life Hub real-world knowledge and practical skills development for positive habit and behavior formation.

Ages 3 to 14

Children aged 3 to 14 years, but starting as young as 3 years, form positive behaviors by their teenage years.

Impact on a Mass Scale

Sponsorships that educate and impact entire communities can change the nation.

Entrepreneurship Education

Real-world entrepreneurship motivates and empowers children to learn business and career skills.

Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Life Hub uses predictive technologies, learning analytics, and artificial intelligence with voice-technology integration.

Youth-Long Technology

The most advanced financial education technology remains with the student and his or her siblings 24/7 throughout their youth.

Sponsor to Impact Communities

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