How It Works

With our initiative "Hub for Every Child", we partner to equip children with an advanced financial education technology so they can build their lives today for a strong future tomorrow.

"Hub for Every Child" Initiative profoundly impacts the nation

Learn more on how our three-way partnership profoundly impacts lives, communities and the nation's economy.

1. We partner with corporate and philanthropic sponsors

We partner with our social enterprise as well as corporations, financial institutions, industry groups, foundations, government organizations, schools, educators, and sports and entertainment personalities.

2. We distribute the technology to families and communities

We buy and distribute the world's most advanced youth financial and entrepreneurship education technology to families, students, and communities throughout the nation at no cost to them.

3. Children learn critical skills and behaviors over many years

Children engage and learn financial, business and life skills. They form positive behaviors at home over many years using the Life Hub Learning Center.

4. Sponsors are provided performance annual reports

Annual or semi-annual performance reports are provided to benefactors for each family they sponsor for AI and data-driven proof of true impact.

Our partnerships create true impact

We partner to equip with technology

We partner to purchase Life Hub Learning Centers
with funds donated by you and equip family
households at no cost to them.

Children learn and build for years

Life Hub Learning Centers engage and teach
children financial and business skills at home every
day over many years.

How It Works

How we partner
to create the impact

The 6 steps for our partnerships that deliver enormous social and
economic impact on people's lives, communities and the nation.

Step 1.
Benefactors choose their beneficiaries

Benefactors choose to equip one or more families, a classroom of students, a whole school or an entire community with Life Hub Learning Centers - it's their choice.

Step 2.
Benefactors donate the funds for Life Hubs

Benefactors donate the funds to the foundation that are needed to order and purchase the Life Hub Learning Centers for their chosen beneficiaries.

Step 3.
We buy Life Hubs at a reduced price

On behalf of the benefactors, we order and purchase Life Hub Learning Centers from our social enterprise company at a reduced price. Beneficiaries pay nothing.

Step 4.
We deliver Life Hubs to households

On behalf of the benefactors, we deliver Life Hub Learning Centers directly to the chosen beneficiary's households and provide them with delivery confirmation.

Step 5.
Children engage and learn over many years

Children engage with their Life Hubs Learning Centers and learn financial, entrepreneurship and life management skills starting at age 3 to 14 years.

Step 6.
Benefactors are provided performance reports

Benefactors are provided with semi-annual or annual performance reports on each child or family they sponsor for AI and data-driven proof of quantified impact.

Benefactors sponsor. We deliver. Children learn. Lives and the nation are impacted.

The world's most advanced financial and entrepreneurship education technology in every household for every child.