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Practical Education with Real Money is Crucial

Knowledge-based education is important but practical hands-on engagement is crucial to positive behavior formation and effective learning.

Richard Thaler - Professor of Behavioral Science and Economics

It's naive to think that we could give high school students one financial course and then make them financially literate consumers. Consumers must learn budgeting and savings as early as possible.

Andreas Schleicher - Education Director OECD

The best way of teaching financial literacy is not necessarily by instruction in the classroom. Far more important indicators of proficiency are a personal experience with financial products. The volume of exposure to financial literacy in the classroom has no relationships with performance. That is very different for math or science teachings.

Laura Ewing - CEO Texas Council of Economic Education

Financiall literacy isn't about the theory, it's about the practical - the information children will learn that will actually give them the knowledge and resources to make astute decisions around credit cards, car loans, home loans and budgeting.

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