The Impact

Powerful partnerships that create enormous social and economic impact on the nation

Youth financial and entrepreneurship education have a profound impact on lives, communities and the nation's economy.

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The Impact

Social and Economic Impact

Youth financial and entrepreneurship education have a profound impact on the nation's economy. Financial education helps to promote financial inclusion, boost the economy and the nation's GDP, reduce the levels of unmanageable debt, reduce poverty levels, expand the employment market, induce business creation, reduce income inequality, and ease the burden of social
security and public health costs.

Social Return on Investment

Our Social Impact Assessment Report forecasted that the preliminary SROI for the Life Hub Learning Center would be $9.40 for every $1 invested. Essentially, $9.40 in social value is created for every $1 invested in the Life Hub Learning Center's financial education due to its use that impacts the livelihood of youth, local communities, education levels, household income, and economic prosperity. This is almost exactly in line with the University of Chicago metrics on early childhood education’s social impact of $9.50 for every dollar invested.

Impact on Families

Impact on the Economy

Social justice, upward mobility and economic growth are created when opportunity is proliferates.

Opportunity is the driver for true social justice and economic growth and opportunity is created by effective education and experiences.

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