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Against the backdrop of the current social instabilities,
advancing education is the best way to better


Early Childhood
Money Management Education

Children aged 3 to 14 manage real money every day as they grow up forming positive financial behaviors and habits by their teenage years

Middle Childhood
Entrepreneurship Education

Children aged 8 to 14 learn entrepreneurship by starting and managing real businesses so they grow into creative and entrepreneurial adults

Early Childhood
Life Management Education

Children aged 4 to 14 learn important life skills so they can manage their lives well, helping them grow into responsible and independent adults

What We Do

Through a national Initiative, we partner with our social enterprise as well as SMEs, corporations (CSR), financial institutions, industry groups, foundations, government organizations, civic organizations, NGOs, schools, educators, and sports and entertainment personalities to advance economic opportunities for children across the nation.

We provide children and families with our groundbreaking education technologies that empower them to learn how to earn and acquire critical economic skills so they transition into financially capable and independent adults.

Why We Do

When the trajectory of young people's lives is changed, the trajectory of a nation's progress is also changed.

Financial and entrepreneurship education is crucial to navigating and succeeding in life today; we have chosen to come together to create a new force behind equality of opportunity for all children by proliferating the world's most advanced youth financial and entrepreneurship education technology.

Equality of Opportunity

The growing disparity between the children who “have” and those
who “do not” is a violation of basic American values, the premise
of which is the belief that every child should have a fair chance
to succeed in life.

To all families and low-resource communities across the nation,
we pledge to create fairness by advancing education
availability and equality of opportunity for all children.

Catalyzing opportunity for all children

Opportunity is everything. With advanced technologies, our mission is to catalyze early childhood financial and entrepreneurship education so every child has the opportunity to live a better life